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Take a bite out of your overhead costs.

Organize, tag and track all your tools, parts and supplies.

Shark-Co’s custom foam shadow boards help you implement a functioning tool control and FOD prevention program.

Custom foam inserts turn your cases into well-organized, time-saving tools. Saving time saves money, and in some cases lives.


Need a case? We’ve got that handled too. Check out our line of Seahorse protective cases.

Shark-Co custom foam kits offer immediate visual identification and inventory control of parts and tools for assembly.


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How many tools or parts do you need to organize on one unit? What are the dimensions of the unit? Do you want the Inventory Control and Identification Tags? These are options. When you know these three pieces of information, call or email Shark-Co and we will provide a quote over the phone or by email. It’s that quick and easy.

Email or mail a PO to Shark-Co. Remember to list the Inventory Control and Identification Tag options if they are part of your quote. Again, pretty simple.

Shark-Co will mail you a grid sheet. Take the grid and place the tools or parts on it per the instructions. Snap photos and send them to us by email. Shark-Co will complete a CAD image and email it back to you for approval. Once approved, production will proceed on your order.

Shark-Co custom foam solutions are precision routed to your grid specifications and tolerances. All the edges are crisp. All the contours and grip slots are uniform and smooth. All the tools or parts are ready to put in their place upon delivery.

If you ordered Inventory Control as an option, your Shark-Co custom foam solution will include a laser-etched QR code plate for easy identification and seamless tracking of each and every tool or part in your case, kit or drawer.


What a wonderful improvement. The narc case inlay was designed to meet our needs and produced very quickly. All of the paramedics are excited about how the product saves time not only in daily checks, but during an emergency.

One paramedic expressed his appreciation stating, ‘I accidentally dropped the case from inside the ambulance to the concrete below. I expected at least some of the glass vials to be broken. Not only were none broken, none had moved from their custom slots.’ The payback is easy to calculate when you take real-life usage, like this, into account.

Mike Durr
Clinton County EMS


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Designed To Avoid FOD

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Shark Tag

We’re taking “form and function” and making waves…introducing “foam, form and function!” If you plan to implement an inventory control and FOD prevention program, you’re going to want to watch this. This short video shows how we make laser-etched metal tags with QR codes so you can tag and track the tools or parts designated...
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